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Have you looked at your roof today? Go ahead, I'll wait. Looks nice yes? Did you notice how much of your homes roof is exposed to the weather? Well unless you live in a cave chances are the roof on your house or building sees a good deal of mother nature. In fact out of all your homes features: doors, windows, and even the concrete walls, the roof gets the brunt of the weather.

If your smart you will realize that the roof on your home plays an important role in protecting the buildings structure. The roof is designed to keep natures elements from damaging the rest of your home.

In fact the 1st line of defense in protecting your homes roof, are the materials installed on the roof.  I am talking about the tar paper, base sheet, drip edge, flashing and nails.  You don't see most of these things when you look up at your roof.  They are installed on the roof to keep you dry, until the main roofing is installed.  Whether it be shingles, G.A.F. under-roof and tile, granule surfaced cap sheet or metal roofing that's right, these items are also cosmetic and protect the roofing from the sun and make your roof look pretty.

Safe to say that your roof is only as good as the company who installed it. Baillie roofing has been in business for nearly 60 years. That's a long time. As one customer told us. "Even the inspectors said you were the best"

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Why take a chance! Our years of service tell you about our quality and reliable roofing service. We have hundreds of referrals. You will be satisfied. I promise Bob Troxell - President Roof Repairs, Roof Inspections and Insurance Claims for the following areas:
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