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William John Baillie Sr. (1841-1931) Peter Karr Baillie was born in Scotland in 1800 and was living in Thomas County, GA in 1830. By 1836 he had established a mercantile business in Leon County, FL near St. Marks where he also served as a Militia scout during the Seminole War and fought in the Battle at Chickasawhatchee Swamp. The following year he moved to Lowndes Co, GA where he engaged in a real-estate business with Francis Jones. While there he married Maria Ann Cope, of a Salzburger family, who had moved to Valdosta from Effingham Co, GA.

In 1843 P.K. Baillie filed for an Armed Occupation Permit for 160 acres of land in Hernando Co, FL near Ft. Cross and Annuteliga Hammock. He later received a patent for this land but two years later he was in Jefferson County, FL where he served as election inspector for preceinct 4 in Florida's first state-wide election. He appears to have remained in Jefferson County, operating Baillie's Store, for the next several years. He purchased 160 acres in that county in 1854 and in 1856 he applied for and received Bounty Land for his service in the Seminole War. It was about this time that he returned to Valdosta and took up farming. The Baillie family appears to have remained in Valdosta through the Civil War. The three eldest sons served in the Confederacy and one of them died early in the War. In January 1866 the family moved to Hernando Co,FL and in 1867 P.K. received title of all of fractional section 22 which was known as Baillie's Bluff. P.K. Baillie died in 1877, ten years before Pasco County was created, but his surviving children remained in the area, marrying into many of the original pioneer families. P.K. is buried in West Elfers Cemetary in present day Pasco County, FL.

Indian Chief offers generous gift for saving sons life

The spongers at Baillie's Bluff in 1893

A young civil engineer from Georgia once came to Florida to make a land survey and unexpectedly became the owner of as much land as his eyes could behold.  Peter Karr Baillie the engineer was not too busy running township lines to help someone in distress.  And the someone he helped happened to be the chief of a Seminole tribe.  Peter Karr's grandson, life long resident of Pasco County David Baillie, tells the story as it was related to him by his father, John Morrison Baillie.  " My grandfather was born and reared on the family plantation where Valdosta, GA now stands,"  he said.  "In the early 1840's he was sent to Florida to make a survey.  He brought a helper and a young handy man with him.  The entire trip over the bumpy dirt roads was made in a wagon pulled by two mules.  One day the chief of the Seminole tribe who lived at Medicine Waters paid a visit to Peter Karr.  The old chief was greatly distressed.  His only son had become ill, and all of the herbs and even the medicine water had failed to cure him.  Baillie said that his grandfather suspended his survey work, went to the Seminole camp and left medicines and instructions for caring for the young brave with the chief.  Within a week, what seemed to be a miracle to the old chief and the other members of the tribe occurred.  The young brave began to improve and within another few days was well again.  The chief paid another visit to Peter Karr.  He asked him to accompany him on another short journey.  This time he took the young engineer to the top of the highest Indian mound in the area.  Speaking in a Solemn voice the old chief said,  look to the east as far as your eyes can see.  Now turn slowly and look to the south, to the west and then to the north.  All the land which your eyes have beheld now belongs to you.  The old Seminole declared.   He produced a parchment and made his mark upon it and gave it Peter Karr.  You saved the life of my only son.  You are my true friend, and I wish to share a part of our beautiful homeland with you.  But this isn't all the story.  Not too many moons later, the Seminoles became restless because of outsiders who were settling on their hunting grounds, and they planned a raid.  The old chief made a third visit to his young paleface friend. This time he came to warn him to get out before the uprisings began.  He brought and Indian escort to accompany the little survey party through the dangerous part of the journey northward.  They were stopped on two different occasions by Indians on the war path, but the Indian escort led them safely through.  Over 20 years later, Peter Karr returned to Florida.  This time he brought his family and came to settle here.  The civil war was drawing to a close.  His son Joe had been killed in the conflict and another son, Bill, seriously wounded.  The trip was made again in wagons, this time both ox-teams and mule teams used to pull the wagons.  When the family arrived in this area, they selected the highest bluff overlooking the Gulf of Mexico as their home.  (This bluff is now called Bailey's Bluff but originally was Baillie's Bluff)  Peter Karr, his wife and their nine children later moved in ____ to Sapling woods (now known as Elfers)  about 18__, when developers became interested in purchasing the land in and around Safety Harbor for a spa, the old parchment bearing the mark of the Seminole Chief was recognized as authentic by the U.S. Government.  Governmental agents paid each of the Baillie heirs $100 to sign a release on the large acreage of land which was owned by their ancestors.

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